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Photo of Grant

Grant Phillips

Founder / CEO

Hailing from Billings, Montana USA, Grant earned his degree in Business Management and Computer Science. He handles all aspects of the company from project management to sales. Don’t tell anyone, but we secretly believe he’s a mad scientist in his free time.

Photo of Peterz


Project Manager

Born in the North, Peterz traversed one half of the world before settling down in Prague. From Adwords to SEO, project management to planning and bad jokes, Peterz rounds out our explosive crew.

Photo of Leo


Designer / Developer

If it’s broken, he fixes it. Armed with a degree in Graphic Design and a lifelong passion for technology, Leo does battle with everything from Photoshop to Wordpress and occasionally a race of small gremlins that feed on HTML.

Photo of Katelyn


Inbound Marketing Counsultant

Canadian born, Katelyn earned her degree in Business and Administration. As an inbound marketing consultant, Katelyn handles inbound workflow, copywrighting and social media. She currently finds inspiration hopping around the globe in search of unique work enviroments.

Photo of Jess


Inbound Marketing Consultant

A multitasking & rock-hunting enthusiast, Jessica earned her degree in Professional Communications while pursuing a love affair with Inbound Marketing. Situated in Montana, USA, Jessica works alongside designers, creating solutions to clients' digital conundrums.

Photo of Lilly


Inbound Marketing Consultant

Lilly dabbles in the vast world of social media, content creation and inbound marketing consulting.



Inbound Marketing Consultant

Mariel focuses creating on savvy content, developing partnerships, and streamlining operations for the Growth Labs team.  Originally from New Jersey, USA, she is currently based in the Czech Republic, which she considers to be her second home. 



Inbound Marketing Consultant

Made in Moravia, Czech Republic, Dora currently lives in Prague. She earned a degree in Marketing and PR and she is passionate about social media, copywriting and all things content. Dora is also into sports and loves coaching and doing CrossFit.

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